Mission Statement

Our mission is to end the suffering of thousands of abandoned pet dogs, feral and breeding packs of dogs, by physical rescue, from rural and remote areas of Florida.

Our goal & commitment is to treat the rescued dogs medically, including sterilization and microchip identification. Also, to provide psychological training and placement in qualified homes. The rescue dogs homing procedure encompass’s verification by home check of adopter, vet treatment verification of current pets, and in person interview, as well as meetings between future adopter and the rescue dog.¬†Also to verify current pets in the home will be compatible.

Adoption, of a healthy, well adjusted dog, is vital to our mission in preventing future abandonment. The current battle to decrease the ever growing abandonment of pets and proliferation of breeding packs is an immense project. These dogs numbers are multiplying by 1,000′s weekly.

We are dedicated to creating a diversified and unbiased board, with our mission at the fore front of our actions. Maintaining focus on full disclosure of finances to our supporters is imperative. To be open and creative in innovation of projects and events, for funding of our mission. Educating the public, by circulating written information, visiting community centers and speaking with locals in remote areas of Florida. To bring awareness to the tragedy of abandonment, from the day of dumping, onset of starvation and dehydration, infestation by parasites, torture of biting mosquitoes, ticks and snakes and mutilation or death from cars and reptile and wildlife ingestion.

Our organization is unique because of our dedication to dogs truly in need, with no shelter, food and basic chance of survival. We seek out the most tortured, sick and debilitated dogs in the most remote areas of Florida. We are committed to ending suffering and proliferation of dogs not indigenous to the ecosystems of Florida.